AI Super Founder

A collection of GPTs to help startup founders think clearer, move faster and execute.

Problem Identification

🔍 Niche Business Idea Generator - Finds niche business ideas

🎯 SWOT Analyst - Quick SWOT analysis

📈 Find Trend Links - Returns Google Trend links for a business idea

Customer Understanding

👤 Persona Generator - Create and interact with personas

Market Research

🧐 Find Competitors - Quickly find 20 potential competitors

🔑 Keyword Planner - Crafts keyword strategies for startups

Business Modeling

💰 Pricing Discovery Tool - Ideate pricing table for your business

💼 Financial Modeling - Quick 5-year financial forecasting summary for startups

🚀 Future Press Release - Write a future press release for groundbreaking features

Go-to-Market Strategy

🌍 Landing Page - Landing page generator

🌍 Finding Customers - Helps founders identify target customers


🧠 Mental Modeler - Identify and explain mental models for various scenarios